Moving Horror Stories Everyone Can Relate To Blog

Moving Horror Stories Everyone Can Relate To

Having your home relocated to a completely new space can be nerve-racking. It would happen especially if you have not moved anywhere for a longer time. There must be proper guidance about moving tips. Before getting your relocation process started. But what about several mishaps that have greater occurrence chances on the relocation day? Like some relatable horror stories. 

Unlike some enjoyable stories, some may be beyond your nightmares. While having the services of trustworthy companies like Packers and Movers Melbourne. You would also be about to learn stories that their experts have faced during home relocations. Some stories are below;

Just Junk

Finding someone’s belongings already present in your new home to settle can be a bit confusing. One of my colleagues has recently shifted to a new space. Do you know what he found there? There was a lot of junk that the previous homeowner had forgotten. Or there may be possibilities he/she did that on purpose. It is because that owner was already not in favor of getting the clean-out part handled. 

Therefore, the only option left for my beloved friend was to hire services such as Removalists in Melbourne. It was beyond his expectations. There was a lot of expense. The expert services were utterly unwelcome. 

How can this situation be avoided?

There must be a proper walk-through before having a contract for a new rental home space. This walk-through would enable you to have utmost surety about some factors. Like whether the previous home occupants have cleared away all their items. Or there is the proper and orderly placement of everything. It would let you know whether you can now relocate to that space or not.

Mover Misinterpretation

It is for sure some top-rated companies, including Moving Company Melbourne, make relocation simpler. But some companies with several challenges would be a leading cause of making it more miserable. To provide more clearance of it. For instance, there are several companies who find it hard to fit every desirable item of yours in trucks. Now it is up to their customers. They have to do the leftover process to have it completed. 

One of my friends arrived from Atlanta to Detroit just a few days ago. Obviously, they were tired a lot. Therefore, they opted for moving services. And guess what they have done? There were only a few items that their experts were able to load on the truck. It took my friend almost more than thirteen hours of driving to reach his destination. 

How can you avoid this situation?

Hiring expert moving services like Home Removalists Melbourne must be in an appropriate and selective way. The best option you can opt for is having suggestions from relatives. In addition to this, pricing must not be the only factor that you should consider while hiring. You must have an appropriate video showing all rooms of your home. Sending it to moving companies would help them estimate the required truck size.

Furniture Contingency

There was a time when my friend had to move into a new city (New York). As she had a greater opportunity to start her new job at the age of 20. There was a lot of expense as she had used a lot of money on buying new sofas. All she wanted was to get them relocated into her newly-purchased apartment. 

Therefore, she contacted expert services such as Melbourne Removalists. But it went all in vain. The movers were completely unable to move her furniture after a lot of trying. At last, she had to spend money on the best-sized furniture leaving behind the previous pricey ones. 

How can you escape from this situation?

No matter what you are up to buying for your new home space, including quality furniture. The best decision you can take is to have a complete measurement of all kinds of passageways. They may be staircases, doorways, and many more. Your new purchases must be up to the fitting of these passageways. It would also make moving easier for companies like Affordable Melbourne Removalists. Or you can skip the buying procedure until the relocation is completed. 


Coming to the final point, whatever place you are willing to move to. It could be across the country or a town. You would feel fear of the moving stories that you have listened to from your relatives or friends. There would be a lot of challenges to be faced by all home relocators. Obviously hiring moving services, including Melbourne Removalists help make things simpler. Though some moving horror stories are explained above. You are also utterly free to share stories that you have encountered.